Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Horror at the Museum

...I don't update this enough.  Though, it's the usual "I've got nothing interesting to talk about, certainly nothing relevant to the game this is nominally a blog about."  Though, if dev. blogs tend to be full of other content too, nobody cares, I guess.  Mostly, I've been too distracted with video games and not very creative, lately. 

In slightly more interesting news, I'm volunteering at the local science museum for the month of October.  In which, they put on one of those haunted house affairs.  And now the title of this post makes sense.  Volunteer work looks good on a resume, but just how do you say "I scared people in a haunted house" and not make it sound silly?  Last week was the first night and we had some technical difficulties, which hopefully have been worked out by now.  But, I think the first night isn't the best to expect, and more of a high-pressure dress rehearsal.  Spending my Saturday nights as a cheap jump scare is a bit weird, but it' better than sitting around doing nothing.  ...Besides, scaring people is fun. 

That's mostly it ,beyond playing of various games, finishing others, and so-on.  Typical life activities and such.  Still looking for jobs and all that crap.  Finished watching Steins;Gate.  Work does progress on the game things, though in an undirected fashion.  My colleagues and I have mostly been working on the setting, when we can.  It's still horribly not fleshed out.  Sometimes, some bit of mechanics comes up and gets discussed for a bit, but I think for the most part, development is wanting a bit of drive.  I'm unfortunately lazy and easily distracted like this, and will thus hit large phases where any pet projects of mine, be they art or whatever else, are put on hold for long periods.