Thursday, July 7, 2011

Current State of Dive into the Sky

I might as well post a bit about the current state of the homebrew. 

At the moment, DitS has already had a few minor edits for clarity and stupid fixes.  These aren't in the current PDF, either.  They are as follows:
  • The mention of magic points in the entry for the Willpower attribute has been removed.  There are no magic points; I scrapped that idea early on and forgot I mentioned it there.
  • The "Death Spiral" injury table entry has been moved to the 111-120 result, pushing all permanent injuries further down.  
I've also got some largely untested but probably common-sense character creation tweaks.
  • Starting characters may not have any skill rated at better than twice the skill's base attribute.  This is to cut down on extreme minmaxing right out of the gate, which some types of people are certain to do.
  • If one prefers point buy to rolling of attributes, the following method may be used.  Characters have 100 points to spend among their attributes, which all start at 20.  
    • Particularly cruel GMs who don't like the idea of everyone having a potential statline of 40 in one place, 30 everywhere else, can only give out 90 points instead. 
That's it, so far.  Hopefully I'll get some sort of test on weapon ranges and character movement done soon, as i just know that will need work.  probably also weapon damage versus potential character defenses (to tweak lethality of combat versus time spent poking each-other in combat), but that one is much, much easier to figure out.  

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