Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's in a Name?

And now, more tales from the pre-history of DitS.  No real new content, so I'm up tp inventing odd things of my own, instead.  Although for a quick update, I am slowly working on a table to character traits to add a bit of spice to character creation. 

Now, Dive into the Sky is an odd name.  It also wasn't always the name for an RPG about girls with airplane legs.  Originally, it was for some story-writing project that never went anywhere, mostly because I'm not that good of a writer except for isolated incidents for which I have inspiration.  So I can maybe write something ,but piecemeal, and not straight start to finish.  Said project involved girls flying jets, and various cyberpunk or near future technologies.  I'll maybe talk about it in more detail later, I did get at least one nice thing out of it.

But, where does that weird and whimsical title come from?  Touhou music remixes.  No lie.  See the video below. 

As is by now no secret, I'm a fan of the Touhou series.  An actually like it for the shooter games as well as the characters.  Also the addictive music. 

So, why do I name a game this?  Mostly because back when the idea was first tossed around, people wanted to call it "Lesbo Jet Fighters" and it deserves a little more dignity than that.  Only problem is now my old story project needs a new name, should I ever get back to it. 

And speaking of names, I'm terrible at them, whether it's names for characters or games.  I...kind of need one for the General Mecha Musume Game (name subject to change) I intend to work on when DitS is more or less done with.  Any suggestions?  Best I can come up with is like Iron Maidens or Warrior God-Princess or something. 

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  1. Sky Divers.
    Simple, comes from the titles, says it all.